Before I started this short writing journey I thought a lot about how to begin this post. Witty one liners, generic statements and just jumping to the body were all toyed with as ideas but in the end I went with this brilliant solution. Yes, it is taking the incredibly easy way out but it's all over now, we can all move on to the post-introductional world that the remainder of this post will reside in.

Tonight I would like to take a short amount of time to share some (probably not very) interesting topics and some thoughts on both those topics and this very blog you happen to currently be reading. To start with, an extremely quick history lesson: This blog was essentially created purely because someone told me to create a blog; it was not born out of purpose, it was not created as a venting sphere or a bastion of knowledge, it was just created. This left me with the rather daunting task of working out what the fuck to do with it. Strong considerations of just using it to whine about my life and how it's not quite working out the way I want (an understatement) were, at one point, the prevailing thought but to me it didn't feel right, so I did some more thinking and landed on the truly genius idea of just not having a theme. And that's as far as I got! Abandoning any sort of common topic, I entered the crazy world doing things like starting sentences with "and", under-editing and possibly repeating myself several times in this not-quite-single-topic paragraph! All this english talk is not here for no reason either! It shall act as a segue (a word looks a bit like it got cut in half) to my first brief topic. Which is...

It's possible you saw this coming from the title, but if not surprise! it's not random gibberish, it's a slightly interesting part of the english language! Firstly, the fact: "It isn't" and "it's not" are both contractions (meaning the art of replacing letters or sounds with an apostrophe to make a word shorter) of "it is not" and what's more is that they both seem to also mean exactly the same thing. In my nineteen years of reading, writing and speaking english I never once managed to notice that, so you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across it somewhere in the vast expanse of the internet; to be honest it kind of messed with my head a little bit. Surely there must be some minor difference, I thought, some little rule that only weird language experts of the internet know about but there seemed to be nothing except a suggestion that maybe "it's not" places emphasis on the word "not" and therefore the negative aspect of the phrase comes across more. This seemed hollow though, more like an attempt at theorizing than a concrete reason. So my google searching continued and went on to produce not a lot more. One discovery (which really should have been obvious to me many years ago) was that other such abominations existed! The most common of which is the twin phrases "they're not" and "they aren't". Once again google-found explanations as to what the bloody difference is were vague and definitely not what I was expecting bedefore I dived in. And that's where my short journey ended. It's all fairly useless information really, but useless information is my favorite kind of information. As for what we should do about this? Well, we could always take the innovative advice of one forum poster and use the downright frightening word that is "it'sn't".

Second Topic.
I did have a second topic, I swear! Sadly it seems to have disappeared from my mind. I bet it was fucking great, too.

Movie - Moon.
Tonight I watched Moon. It's a much-praised 2009 science fiction movie that I purchased over a year ago but never got around to actually watching, which is quite pathetic seeing as it runs for less than 100 minutes and, as it turns out, is pretty damn good. The plot was extremely interesting, the acting was great and the look of the film was quite amazing (especially considering it was a project with a reasonably small budget.) Before watching I had heard of the inspiration it had taken from 2001: A Space Odyssey and it turned out to be fairly obvious but didn't ever cross into 'exactly like' territory, it was a really nice touch. I was constantly surprised by how the plot evolved and the ending really felt right, which is wonderful because many movies I've watched have left a bit of a poor impression in my mind due to endings I personally found a little inadequate (I'm looking at you, Sunshine.) Anyway, I don't really want this to be anything like a full on review (I know far too little about both films and writing in general for that!) and I would also like to avoid spoiler territory so I will keep it to just this little paragraph. I just felt I should write down my initial thoughts so future me (and you, probably non-existent reader!) can look back on this when the memories are less crystal like and more black smoke like. Think of it like a dream journal or something.

Yes, I called the last part conclusion. What else am I supposed to do? I'm not some kind of wordsmith. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this half-assed attempt at a blog entry, I hope you can excuse my general lack of semicolons (seriously though, fuck semicolons), my possible repetitious word use, the lack of depth in my topics and the fact that none of this probably interested you. It was a moderately fun experience writing this so I guess I may do it again some time in the future but for now I should get some sleep.

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Nov. 7th, 2014 12:48 pm
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